Yellowstone National Park - Fishing Cone

"We caught trout in this lake & one of our men cooked one this way in a minute without taking it off his hook."

W McDougall (?) (July 18, 1909 - DULUTH, MINN.)
8134 [Type 9]

"The fisherman catches this fish in the lake and turns around and cooks in the hot-boiling spring - skin & all."

A H Snyder (?) (August 22, 19?? - YELLOWSTONE PARK, WYO.)
8134 [Type 7]

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This website is dedicated to one special place on Earth.  A single geyser, known by numerous names during its lifetime ('Fish Pot', 'Fish Pot Hot Spring', 'Fish Pot Hot Springs', 'Fishing Pot', 'Hot Springs', 'Hot Spring Cone', 'Hot Spring Fishing Cone', 'Hot Springs Cone', 'Fishing Cove', 'Fisherman's Kettle', 'Chowder Pot', 'Hot Cone', 'Hot Water Cone', 'Fish Cone', and 'Fishing Cone'), has become a recent obsession.  As this hobby unfolds, I'll let the world enjoy my discoveries through this website, some of which may bear a little witness to history.

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